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O'Neill Residence
South Haven, MI

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This project consisted of the interior remodel of a simple folk style home located in South Haven’s south side neighborhood, in close proximity to the beach. As is the case with many older homes, the kitchen and bathroom were too small to accommodate a more modern life style.

The kitchen was expanded into an old exterior porch area which had previously been converted into an interior storage space. The full height wall separating the kitchen from the living room was removed and replaced with a partial knee wall which now defines the breakfast area. The required structural post was incorporated into this knee wall and was clad in wood to create a highly decorative feature. The plaster kitchen ceiling was removed and replaced with a bead board cathedral ceiling. The ceiling joists that remained were reconfigured and clad in wood, creating another dramatic feature. Windows were replaced, French door installed, and a skylight added. These changes transformed a quite oppressive kitchen area into an airy, bright, and cheerful environment. Ceramic tile flooring, new kitchen cabinets, and new appliances completed the kitchen rebirth.

The existing first floor half bath was expanded to accommodate a new tub and shower. Ceramic tile flooring, new cabinets, new fixtures and accessories, and a custom built linen cabinet completed this area.

The existing main entrance to the home was relocated. The new French door with side lights now create an open, bright, and airy atmosphere in the living room as well.

A first floor master bedroom with closet was also added.

Most of the wood trim in the home was original, but in very poor condition. The owners wished to retain the warmth and high style that this trim detail provided, but also wanted to achieve a very simple, clean and fresh look. During the planning and budgeting phase of the project, it was determined that the cost of custom milling new wood trim to match the existing was out-of- budget. The cost of removing, stripping, and repairing existing wood trim was also out-of- budget. Century was able to provide new, custom milled wood trim at less cost than either of the two previously mentioned options. This was accomplished by using a very simple, flat trim, with radius edges. The trim was milled from 5 ¼" wide poplar lumber. This detail retained the strong, bold appearance of the original 5" wide trim, and also achieved the simple, clean look that was desired. New poplar plinth blocks and rosettes, similar to the original, completed the door and window trim detail. Existing base molding was also replaced with new poplar base and shoe which were similar in profile to the original. This solved the problem of joining new base molding to old, without the expense of matching original molding. These solutions solved budget issues without violating the overall intent of the original architecture.

Existing plaster walls throughout were in very poor condition. New drywall partitions abutted existing plaster walls. This created a dilemma. Repainting could never conceal the differential in wall texture between new and old. Again, the solution was revealed through the planning and budgeting process. Money that was saved by creative trim solutions would be used to manage the wall dilemma. A plaster contractor was brought into the project. Areas of loose plaster were removed. Existing walls were skim coated. New walls received blue board and were finished in the same fashion as existing walls. This created the homogenous appearance that concealed the presence of new construction.

Retention of architectural integrity was maintained while achieving 21st century functionality. The project was an outstanding success.


Dear Dave,

Thank you with sincerest appreciation for the incredible quality of work on our home on Superior Street in South Haven.

When we began the process of remodeling our century-old home, we had no idea that hiring you as our General Contractor would be one of the best decisions we've made to date.

Not only were the overall home improvements and craftsmanship 100% meticulous, but your customer service, attention to detail, and trustworthiness throughout the entire process was simply outstanding.

It was a great pleasure to work with you, and see out initial ideas transformed into beautiful new spaces. You were able to create the exact visions that we had for our home, on paper and in reality...and the finished product has exceeded our expectations.

You stayed true to your estimated cost and timelines, and thus created a truly enjoyable remodeling experience.

Thank you for transforming a tired, aging house into a warm & inviting cottage home. From the stunning bead-board ceiling to beautiful woodwork and trim, the classic french doors and the spa-like new bathroom...we will enjoy all of your hard work for years to come.

Please feel free to have potential clients contact us in reference to your remarkable work quality.. We wish you much continued success.


The O'Neills
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