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Bathroom Remodel
Michigan Ave.
South Haven, MI

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The owner of this nineteenth century home in South Haven wished to upgrade two existing bathrooms and add a third. Unused attic space was captured to accommodate the new bathroom.

The most challenging aspect of the project was its extremely aggressive construction schedule. A house full of guests was due to arrive in three weeks. Construction could not proceed without the guarantee that all three bathrooms would be complete by this deadline. Century prepared a very detailed schedule which revealed that, with the exception of painting, this goal could be achieved. Finding this to be acceptable, the owner authorized commencement of the project.

Vigilant project management was essential to success. Building permits had to be expedited. Fixtures and materials had to be selected and ordered. The construction team had to be assembled and coordinated. Shipments had to be monitored. Inspections had to be carefully scheduled. The inevitable unforeseen situations had to be managed. There was no room for error.

During construction, the out of town owner was reassured by regular e-mail progress reports, site photographs, and construction detail sketches. Daily telephone conversations allowed the owner to make the important decisions necessary to keep the project moving forward.

In three weeks, guests arrived for a pleasant holiday weekend. As promised, all three bathrooms were fully functional, clean, and presentable. Painting was completed immediately after their departure, and the home was ready for the summer season.

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