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New Detached Garage
South Haven, MI

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The intent of the project was to construct a garage that would not detract from the architecture of the home, but one that would not attempt to match the style of the home. There was also an interest in historic train stations. Century developed this design that achieves both goals.

The garage is reminiscent of an old train station with proportions adjusted for compatibility with a much smaller structure. Overhand support brackets are quite heavy and provide a prominent detail. Exposed, shaped rafter tails are supported by a heavy horizontal beam resting on the brackets. These features are functional, yet are not essential for an overhang of this size. They are incorporated as a design element only.

It was important to preserve the maple tree that grows near the garage site. The building was designed in part to accommodate that tree. The projecting structure adds interest to the roof line and provides additional functionality to the garage.

The interior is dry walled, well lit, and heated. Exterior trim painting will be handled by others.

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