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516 Phoenix Street
South Haven, MI

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This historic building was built in the late 1800’s. In the 1960’s, the building was clad with aluminum siding. The rehabilitation of this elegant structure which has slept beneath for four decades is now complete.

The original limestone detailing was destroyed when aluminum siding was installed. All of this detailing has been replaced with new limestone to match. The entire brick facade has been cleaned and tuck pointed. To the extent possible, deteriorated brick has been replaced using original brick salvaged from the top of the building.

The historic sheet metal building cornice had been removed during an earlier remodel. A new, custom made sheet metal cornice that closely resembles the original has been fabricated and installed.

Many of the second story windows were missing, but the original arched top stained glass transoms had survived. These outstanding examples of period architecture have been restored. During demolition, another stained glass window was discovered above the entry door to the second floor. The storefront design was quickly modified in an effort to showcase this magnificent window.

None of the original storefront architecture had survived. Century Restoration designed a new storefront that is reminiscent of the original iron storefront construction. Wood column detailing has been used to suggest the iron columns which once supported the façade. Raised panel detailing has been used below the new show windows. The storefront is topped with a new wood cornice. Ceramic tile has been installed in the entry. Custom made oak doors with radius top glazing complete the storefront.

Century Restoration is proud to have been a participant in this historic project.



I am writing this letter to congratulate you on your exceptional work on the buildings at 512/516 Phoenix Street. When I walk downtown and glance at the buildings, it's as if I have time traveled to the early 1900's. You have an amazing talent for attention to detail.

Also, I wanted to tell you how enjoyable it was to work with you on this project.

You went the extra effort to accommodate the nearby businesses while the restoration was taking place. I know from business owner's comments that it was very much appreciated.

Thank you, Dave, for completing a restoration project that has become the gem of the downtown.

Debra Davidson
DDA Director/Communications Mgr
City of South Haven
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