Why Us
Century Brings a Professional Approach to the Marketplace.

Century Restoration is headed by an individual with a long history in the commercial construction and architectural millwork arena. Century brings to the residential and small commercial market all the good practices that are employed in larger commercial projects. The company's goal is to achieve for the home owner and small business owner the same level of satisfaction that is demanded by large commercial entities.

Century is a flexible organization with the ability to customize its services to the specific requirements of each project. It brings the same level of energy and enthusiasm to a limited scope project as it brings to a full service project.

Through conversation with the great number of individuals that have recently undergone construction activity, it appears that certain problems often plague the residential remodeling industry. Home owners and small business owners are often faced with the disadvantage of entering into a construction project without the benefit of knowing exactly how much it will cost, or exactly what is being provided by their building contractor. This condition makes it very difficult for the owner to asses the extent of financial commitment involved and to asses the extent to which the project will fulfill the intended goal. Owners often seem to be dissatisfied with the end product or are dissatisfied with the entire experience. Century introduces to this market a simplified version of commercial construction practices. It is a process that is understandable, manageable, and affordable. Through a planning and budgeting process, Century demystifies the construction experience. We minimize the unknowns and therefore, the risks. It insures that the vision matches the reality. The owner becomes part of the construction team and is involved in shaping the outcome of their own project.

Century takes great pride and satisfaction in a job well done and in a customer that is delighted. Our goal is to make your dream a reality without a single nightmare. You know exactly what you are buying and how much it will cost. We are very enthusiastic about helping the home owner and small business owner achieve their goals in ways that are consistent with preservation principles.
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