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What We Do
Century Restoration Will Handle Your Construction, Project Management, Planning and Budgeting needs.

Century Restoration has a passion for the preservation of America's architectural heritage. We exist to assist the home owner and small commercial property owner in taking advantage of the benefits that their vintage property has to offer. We work closely with owners, architects, and designers in the fulfillment of visions.

Century is a building contractor. We specialize in the restoration, preservation, and rehabilitation of vintage and historic properties. We custom tailor our services to the unique needs of the owner. Pre-construction services such as project planning and budgeting are available. Construction services range from remodeling to full restoration.

    • Century Restoration services the Michigan market and beyond. We are the ideal choice for owners wishing to: Preserve, rehabilitate, or restore an older property; Remodel a property in a period style; Add a matching or complimentary addition to a property; Reconstruct a missing architectural element; Build a new structure consistent with a chosen historic style; Modify an existing structure to meet current needs through adaptive reuse.

    • We at Century believe that meticulous pre-construction planning is the key to any successful project.

      Through multiple meetings with owners or architects, the project is defined. The purpose and goals of the project are outlined. The criteria for success are identified. Design intent is discussed. A meeting of the minds is achieved.

      When an architect or designer is involved in the project, Century works closely with them to assure compliance with their plans and specifications.

    • Century will prepare a preliminary budget for the project based on the planning process.

      A detailed Scope of Work will be prepared which outlines all the general work items which have been identified in the planning process.

      The preliminary budget will help determine if the level of financial commitment required to complete the project as planned is compatible with the owner's needs and desires.

    • If preliminary budget figures exceed expectations, the decisions made in the planning process are revisited. Materials and methods are reevaluated for compatibility with project goals. Alternative materials are considered. Cost saving techniques are applied to construction methods. Certain scheduled work items may be eliminated or revised. Attempts are made to bring the project into budget without substantially compromising the original project intent.

    • Upon completion of value engineering and establishment of agreeable project parameters, a firm proposal is prepared. Project cost will not exceed the bid amount unless changes to the project are made. Proposal stipulations apply. All changes to a project are handled through a formal, owner approved change order process.

      When an architect has been commissioned to provide drawings and specifications, Century bases its bid on the architects's documents. The scope of the work then is by inference. In this case, Century Restoration would likely have little or no involvement in project planning, budgeting, or value engineering.

    • A qualified project manager is assigned to all projects and is the one stop source for all project information.

      Century Restoration also offers project management services on a stand alone basis to other general contractors. This service is used to augment staffing levels that are temporarily insufficient to handle seasonal work bubbles. Full service or limited scope services are available.

    • Century Restoration offers carpentry trades services to owners and other general contractors. Firm plans and specifications proposals are provided.

    • Century Restoration provides millwork and cabinetry installation services to owners and other general contractors.

    • Century Restoration sources and manages the procurement of custom architectural millwork. We have extensive knowledge and experience in this area.
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